To Do List

At the very beginning, I was writing down on a notebook what had to be down. But it wasn’t enough and I was waking up at nights thinking about stuff I shouldn’t forget.
So I put an Excel sheet together and it saved my sleep.

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This was my “retro-planning” as we say in French (countdown planning).
I’ve listed everything which had to be done and allocated priorities, so that I knew what I would have to do month after month.
Health – Visits to my different doctors to make sure I’m fine and to get prescriptions in case something would happen in the middle of nowhere.
Vaccination : Start soon enough to avoid having two injections at once. Hepatitis A & B were OK. Then diphtheria, tetanus and polio boosters, whooping cough booster (coqueluche) because it looks like it’s coming back. Rage. Typhoid. Japanese encephalitis. Tick encephalitis. Uff.
Visas – You cannot start to early, or too late, the best is to let a special agency doing it. Make ID pictures in advance for the visas you will have to ask at the boarders.
Plane tickets – My path couldn’t fit with a world trip ticket so I could buy them at the last minute, one after the other. Take additional loyalty cards for air flight companies.
Equipment – See the Suitcase section. Do not underestimate the time needed for this.
Insurance – Be aware that credit cards insurances only cover you the first three months of your trip. Then you need to subscribe another one.
Administration – Find people to manage your mail or change address, organize your tax online and adjust the tax to the new incomes (meaning zero), ask for an international driving license.
Commodities – Cancel your electricity and ADSL subscription, change your phone subscription.
Money – Give mandate to your folks on your accounts. Open or Close accounts. Count everything. Find an estate agency for the flat. Budget!

“How much time does it take?” asked my colleague Arnaud. I couldn’t say really.
A lot obviously. Half a day every week may be.
But be cautious anyway… Time flies…

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