Globetrotter background

• Am I a photographer ?

I was given my first camera before ten, which wasn’t so usual at the time. What I liked was to take pictures with the flash, as you could observe the bulbs burning. Though, I had been told this was very expensive. So I was taking one picture a year or so. Then I got a Konica Pop, and my visual experiences started to expend. Finally, in 2003, I had a photographer partner who teached me how to use a camera for real.
Photographer - banner 2
I learned how to wait, how to observe, always with a frame in mind (rather than a light).
Photographer - Banner 3
In cars, trucks, buses, whatever, what I like are their mirrors.

• Can I cope with climate change ?4x4 - Banner 1I can sing under the rain (Cochi),  the monsoon (Delhi), or a storm (Arkanghaï)…
4x4 - Banner 2
… I can even smile after a never ending walk (12 days) or under a burning sun (Egypt, August)….
4x4 - banner 3
… On the other hand, wind makes me freak out (sore throats always wait for me), cold makes me turn into a freaky puppet (Artic Circle in February for instance), and bad nights make me grumpy.

• What is my real weakness ?
Feet - Banner 1
It looks like my feet are born for first class flights only (middle picture). When I walk 12 hours in NYC or 12 days in the steppes, even plasters are not enough…
Feet - banner 2
… That’s why I visit caves with army boots and beaches with very handsome neoprene shoes… I have a feeling I’m gonna crawl during those eleven months…

• And What about some MacGyverism ?
McGyver - banner 1
Sometimes maps make me very puzzled (India on the left), sometimes they don’t (Istambul bazar on the right) but usually I try to rely on other people… Let’s see…

McGyver - Banner 2
In any case, my headlamp always helps me getting out of trouble (fixing a hook for instance)…

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Writer - 2011 - China - Souzhou

6 thoughts on “Globetrotter background

  1. Hello from California! We are so excited to hear your stories and see your blog!! We will stay on top of your travels and are looking forward to seeing you 🙂

  2. salut Steph…. nous adorons suivre tes aventures… à travers toi nous continuons notre voyage aux Philippines et sommes très envieux de tes nouvelles aventures; au delà de ce très beau voyage, nous sommes fiers d’avoir aussi fait une très belle rencontre…see you later 😉 bises

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