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Of course, you don’t prepare an 11-month trip, and an 11-month leave, in two shakes of a lamb’s tail*. I’m not going to discuss the metaphysics that support the project here, that’s the backwards preparation.
But yeah, when suddenly my boss said “Yes”, last January, to this project I wanted to start in September, the countdown started, and I’m not sure I had thought that all the way through!
The visas, the vaccinations, the medical checks, the savings, the budget, renting the flat, training the people who would replace me at work… I kept working on the plan until the last minute.
Meanwhile, whenever I was talking to people about it, the same very valid questions where coming back? What will you pack ? What will you do with your things ? WIll you get your job back ?
So, the four sections below (you can click on the titles) are attempts to answer those questions hoping it might help some of you in planning your own “gap years'”.

* En deux coups de cuillère à pot.

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